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Welcome to my blog a.k.a Cloud Addict

I am currently a Senior Consultant working for Avanade (joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft) in cloud engineering as a Certified Azure Architect. All of the views and recommendations in this blog are my own.

I have been in the Azure space for around 6 years now and been through multiple engagements ranging from delivering and building Azure Landing Zones, data platforms, application migrations and cloud governance. I have experience in most of the Azure technical stack however I am most passionate about the below areas:

  • DevOps Principles and Automation - Infrastructure as Code, Build Pipelines and Configuration Management
  • Containers & Micro Services - Docker, Kubernetes, AKS, Service Mesh, GitOps, OpenShift.
  • Infrastructure - Ranging from networking, DNS, backups, disaster recovery, high availability, load balancing, firewalls, on-premise migrations etc.
  • Anything Serverless - Azure Functions, Container Apps etc.
  • Security - RBAC, Privelaged Access Management, Azure Active Directory, threat protection, WAF’s.

Hope you can enjoy some of my content.

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